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Carcross - gateway to the Yukon
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The people of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN) traditional territory are descendents of the Tagish and the Inland Tlingit, who originated in southeast Alaska.

The Tagish built a strong way of life that was dependent on the land and the animals to flourish. Their Tlingit neighbours on the coast cooperated with the interior Tagish people in extensive trade. Over time, the people began to inter-marry and merge their traditions and cultures.

Today, the CTFN is a flourishing nation that has maintained their strong ties to the land, and to their traditions and culture.

Carcross Tagish Management Corporation (CTMC)

As a self-governing first nation with complete control over its own destiny, CTFN is looking for ways to advance the business potential that exists in the Carcross region. The CTMC is the economic development branch of CTFN and therefore acts on behalf of the CTFN and its citizens in the areas of business development and economic sustainability.

CMTC mandate is simple: To build a private sector economy in Carcross that will create a sustainable flow of job and business opportunities for the community, our citizens and the region.

The goal is that our citizens will become increasingly self-sufficient and be able to reinvest its earnings in social, health, recreational and educational services in our community. In short:

Our Focus

In order to make our economic vision a reality, our focus will be directed as follows:

The Scope of Things to Come

With its direct accessibility to a spectacular natural environment, CTMC is confident Carcross will become an end-destination for visitors looking for an environmentally friendly tourism experience. However succeeding in such an economic venture means doing your homework - conducting feasibility studies and preparing a business plan to list a few. CTMC has done just that, and much more.

Business Ethics

“Nothing done today shall diminish the wealth of future generations.”

CTFN have a vision to develop a sustainable tourism economy in the Carcross/Tagish First Nation traditional territory and in support of this we have developed a CTFN Tourism Code of Conduct.