Invest Carcross
Carcross - gateway to the Yukon
Carcross area map View from Nares mnt Kite surfing Bennett lake Carcross dessert

Location location location. Nestled between four mountain peaks and a large, bountiful lake system, CTFN and CTMC believes the entire past, present and future exists in these valleys, rivers and hills.

The land, all 1,554 square kilometers, belongs to the CTFN in the same way that Crown land belongs to the federal government. With Land Claims settled, CTFN owns the land, including subsurface rights, and has the power to legislate and zone parcels of land.

Taking Charge

Doing business in Carcross with CTFN and CTMC means doing business with the people who own the land, and are interested in creating a stable and positive economic transformation without harming the environment, the community or the culture.

The key to creating and maintaining economic sustainability is developing the infrastructure to exploit the regions potential. Current plans and development to the region include:

These are but a few of the initiatives taken on by CTFN and CTMC to fulfill the vision. For more information on the projects listed above and others, please visit the Opportunities page or contact us directly.