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Carcross - gateway to the Yukon
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Be it the outstanding lakes and river resources, unmatched viewscapes, accessible Alpine areas, Canada’s smallest desert or the already developed 35 plus kilometers of single-track mountain bike trails – Carcross is well situated for multi-activity tourism.

Potential tourism products include, but are certainly not limited to:

Those are just a few of the potential tourism products that Carcross and Yukon would excel at providing.

Making Potential Happen

There is no shortage of potential in the Carcross region. However, potential is an optimistic outlook on qualities and features that show promise. Opportunity on the other hand is creating the circumstances for making the potential happen, and CTMC is doing just that, investing in core resources and infrastructure to make it’s vision a reality. Here are a few key projects currently in development:

Single Track to Success Project

The Carcross Singletrack to Success (S2S) Project was started by CTFN in 2005 with the goal of creating a world-class trail network in the Carcross area to attract tourists, get youth back out on the land, and promote community wellness.

From the beginning, Montana Mountain was the focus for trail development due to its existing network of access roads, varied terrain, scenic assets, mining history and cultural significance. Most importantly, there was a legacy of old trails from the Windy Arm stampede to work with and the CTFN had ownership of much of the area.

After three seasons of construction, Montana Mountain boasts about 35 plus kilometres of hand-built and restored singletrack. CTMC’s vision is to create a 75 kilometre trail network on Montana Mountain suited to hikers and mountain bikers of all ability levels.

Options being looked at for Montana Mountain in up coming year include:
The trails pave the way for other recreation assets on Montana Mountain to be developed as well, including:

For more information about the Single Track to Success Project and Montana Mountain, click here to download “Trails to our Economy”.

Carcross Commons Commercial Village

CTMC has developed a vital economic town centre – or Carcross Commons - a commercial retail/market square/ performance and arts centre aimed to revitalize Carcross’ downtown area. CTMC mission is to make the downtown area a gathering place for services and attractions – a profitable place to do business.

Officially opened on May 17, 2013, Carcross Commons features:

Although CTMC is working diligently to tap into the adventure destination market, this revitalized downtown core also appeals to the vast number of visitors travelling the South Klondike Highway on a yearly basis by road and by train.

For more information about Carcross Commons, contact: Nelson Lepine at CTMC

Montana Mountain Cabins Project

One of the key services Carcross needs is reasonably-priced accommodations. Montana Mountain Cabins will be the first step in developing a range of such services in the community. It will be targeted primarily at the younger segment of the adventure tourist market. This demographic is concerned primarily with the quality of the sport experience they will enjoy in a given location, and do not look for high-end lodgings. What they do look for is easy access to their sport of choice, and availability of a range of services which support them. As an example, down-hill mountain-bikers need access to spare parts for their bikes, which often get damaged in the steep, technically challenging trails. Food services are also important, as is the availability of refreshments for after-sport consumption.

Montana Mountain Cabins will provide basic accommodations services and will offer:

For more information about the Montana Mountain Cabins, contact: Nelson Lepine at CTMC

Local Business and Community Development

A number of local businesses will need to develop it’s resources if a tourism industry is to succeed in Carcross. Therefore, CTMC is investing in existing infrastructure in Carcross and building relations with established business within proximity.

Discussions are ongoing with Montana Services, a multi-function retail business situated in Carcross – minutes from the cabins, to mange the cabins, and enhance its provisions in the food and beverage market.

A Carcross- based adventure tour companies has developed an outlet for sales, instruction, equipment, and tours.

The recently relocated Skookum Jim building is now home to a CTFN carving program – a direct investment in local artisans.

The Singletrack to Success (S2S) Project has provided employment for ten CTFN and three non-aboriginal youth. The young workers have learned trail construction, First Aid, chainsaw safety, and basic carpentry, all of which have strengthened their leadership and team building skills, as well as reconnecting them to the land and giving them a sense of pride.